Traffic Generation (attracting visitors)

Generating a higher volume of traffic for a website is like baking: you need to combine many complementary ingredients for the dough to rise. Blogging, social media, content creation and on-site optimization are three of those ingredients that work together to help prospects get noticed on the web.

  • Onsite SEO Optimization
  • Blogging
  • Content Creation
    • Paid Advertising

Lead Generation (converting visitors to leads)

An effective website generates leads on a consistent basis and improves the rate at which leads are generated. We help clients to generate sales-ready leads, and provide top-line growth.

  • Content Creation and Conversion Path Mapping
  • Email Marketing and Segmentation
  • Social Media
    • Landing Page and Lead Magnet Development

Customer Generation (converting leads to customers)

If the traffic coming to your website isn’t qualified, you can bet that the resulting leads (if any) will be junk. If the traffic is good, and you are still not converting website leads into customers, then most likely your email nurturing processes is broken or nonexistent, so leads aren’t getting the series of tailored, relevant follow up messages that help draw them closer to the buying stage.

  • Email Workflow Creation and Execution
  • Lead Scoring and Qualification
  • CRM Integration

Analytics and Reporting

Inbound marketing is an ongoing process that requires incessant experimentation, testing, and optimization. Some experiments will be home runs, and others won’t. Regular reporting and analysis is imperative for knowing where to focus marketing efforts in order to achieve client goals.

Services That Solve For Measurement:

  • Overall Progress Assessment
  • Closed Loop Reporting
  • Social Media Engagement Reporting
  • SEO Visibility Reports

Ecommerce Funnel Optimization

From user flow optimization to mobile, navigation, email marketing, personalization, homepage optimization and of course the checkout, all parts of the eCommerce funnel have direct impact on conversion rates and sales. We focuse on the customer’s profile and persona and the leaks in the funnel. Through in-depth research we discover the opportunities for optimization, create strategies, designs and launch AB tests to create a better user flow that addresses the customer’s emotional needs and increases revenues.

B2B Inbound Marketing Optimization

We walk you through our proven framework to conceputalize, implement and manage your inbound marketing process.


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